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POSTED 1/19/2015 - owatonna Today show welcomes TAM! 

The Owatonna Today Show discusses the Technical Academy of Minnesota located in Owatonna that will open the fall of 2015.  We are making great progress and are excited to bring this wonderful school to the students of Owatonna and the surrounding towns.  Make your dream a reality today.  Enrollment for the 2015 School year is now open.  We are limited to the first 150 students.  Sign up today. 

POSTED 1/11/2015 - Increasing opportunities with the support of The Center for school change and bremer bank

On Tuesday, January 6th, Joe Nathan and Marisa Gustafson from the Center for School Change visited DREAM Technical Academy to talk with us about how to spend $20,000 that DREAM Technical Academy will receive as part of a grant given to the Center for School Change from the Otto Bremer Foundation. The grant will help DREAM students earn college credit through various forms of dual high school/college credit courses. Part of our day consisted of a radio interview with Paul Stagg and stopping by Bremer Bank to let them know about the grant award and to thank them for their support.  Listen here

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As part of this important support from the Center for School Change and Bremer Bank another $20,000 was given to our Owatonna school.  

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POSTED 12/9/2014 - Thank YOU Owatonna People's Press for the great coverage today!

Posted 9/19/2014 - Nice article in the WestCentral Tribune about DREAM Technical Academy!

Posted 8/30/2014 - Home Depot Donation 

Home Depot in Willmar has made a sizeable and meaningful contribution toward the start-up of DREAM Technical Academy.  Their generous donation and thoughtful consideration will be long remembered at the Academy.  Thank you very much.

Technical Academies of Minnesota Board of Directors

Posted 8/8/2014 - $475,000 Federal Charter School Program Planning Grant Award

"Dear Technical Academies of MN Board Members and Administrators:  

GREAT NEWS! Your school’s federal Charter Schools Program Official Grant Award Notification in the amount of $475,000 is fully executed...

Sincerely, Minnesota Department of Education"

This grant was competitive and without the endless hours and financial support of our community it would not have been awarded to serve the needs of our students.  Thank you to all of you for your support.

Posted 8/1/14 - Willmar student desk building project creates unity  

Willmar's DREAM Technical Academy parents organized a desk building project on the MinnWest Campus.  Enrollment is now at 126 students and thanks to parents, students, and staff, many of the desks for the new school are already made.  Thank you to the WestCentral Tribune for the great article!

Posted 6/30/14 - Private donations and Owatonna plan to open fall 2015

Board member Michael Warner gave a presentation to the Owatonna Rotary Club today.  Warner shared the 4 design elements of the school and detailed the academic program before answering questions.  In addition he shared the board's decision to prepare to open in Owatonna in the fall of 2015 rather than this fall.  This will allow us to create a high quality program for the kids.  A recent gift of $15,000 was given as "seed money" to support Owatonna start-up activities.


Posted 6/29/14 - Ready to Open in Willmar

IQS has concluded that the Technical Academies of Minnesota (TAM) Willmar site is "ready to  open" and begin serving youth of the Willmar area.  Many thanks to the DREAM staff and community council for their dedication and leadership.

Posted 6/21/14 - Thanks!

Thanks to all the DREAM Technical Academy students and their families who joined us to walk in the Willmar Fest parade this morning.

Posted 3/29/14 - Enrollment begins in Willmar!

On-line registration is now open for DREAM Technical Academy, the new 7th-12th grade public charter school opening this fall in Willmar. Register by April 14th to be eligible for the lottery drawing if necessary.  Listen and watch for our radio and newspaper ads!

Posted 3/18/14 - Approval from Minnesota Department of Education!

Approval arrived from MDE to expand our original charter to serve Willmar and Owatonna students in grades 7 to 12.

Posted 3/15/14 - Owatonna Interview

TAM Board members are at 16 minutes.

Posted 2/8/14 - Willmar Preparations

Video on this webpage: - scroll to Feb 4th Pillsbury Informational Meeting

Posted 1/20/14 - From Dreams to Reality in Willmar

Attention: Technical Academies of Minnesota is hosting informational sessions for parents and students in Willmar!

Thank you!

Thanks to all the business and community leaders who came to the meeting on Thursday, November 21st on the MinnWest Technology Campus. We had around 75 people attend both sessions. We had several people who stated they would like to be on the Community Board so we are excited to meet with those people and take the next steps to making Technical Academies of Minnesota a reality!

Posted 10/24/13 - Support from The Blandin Foundation extended

Last spring we received a generous grant of $49,750 from The Blandin Foundation.  After our start-up work on the Waldorf site in Waseca Country, we had about $18,000 remaining.  This week we were allowed to extend the grant six months.  This will allow us to continue with our regional start-up plans.  Thank you Blandin!  We couldn't do it without you!

Posted 9/5/13 - Expanding to grades 7 & 8 and looking for additional school locations

This summer leaders from the Willmar area proposed opening an 7 - 12 secondary school in the Willmar area.  Meanwhile leaders in Owatonna suggested a school there.  The Technical Academies of Minnesota school board is working with IQS and MDE to expand the charter to include grades 7 & 8 and become a 7 - 12 secondary school.  The application process for the additional grades is expected to be complete in mid February 2014.


The board is making strategic planning decisions and meeting with regional leaders to create business and higher education partnerships.  The long-range plan is four schools in the next five years. 

Join us!  Let us know how you would like to get involved and if you would like a school in your area.